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Xentrix Global is a next-generation media consulting, planning, and buying agency with a unique approach to the strategic deployment of media budgets – online, offline, and face-to-face. Our team works closely with a network of media partners around the globe to help you deploy media spends with maximum efficiency – for maximum impact.

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Xentrix Global Methodology

Xentrix Global Methodology

Media Planning And Buying

Meticulous planning and groundwork are done for your brand to be at the right place, at the right time, offering the right value.  This involves compiling data, competition analysis, researching, assessing, and preparing the right budgets to get the maximum promotion with minimum budgets and hassle. 

Media Planning

The various process includes: conducting market research both internally and externally to understand the key objectives and goals of the marketing campaign and observe the target audience in the market at large, research industry trends, analyze the competition, and finally comprehend where the audience is most involved with the ad content. This is the stage in which we uncover the specifics of a certain audience group and determine their attitudes, including where they go for information, what products they care about and why, and which media outlets they use during the day. Media targets are defined from here. 

After conducting a market and consumer study, our media planner will delve into the media landscape to decide which outlets will be most successful in reaching the target audience. As your media strategists, we not only figure out how to market your brand message but also how to manage media funds efficiently. A thorough review is carried out in order to determine how the budget should be spent.

Media Buying

The act of getting the tactic off the conceptual page and putting it into action is known as media buying. In this sense, we might be dubbed “The Custodian” because we are in charge of carrying out the strategy. We are well-versed in developing and sustaining associations with media vendors (publishers and channel proprietors). After analyzing prime ads spaces and factors like placement, traffic, exposure and cost, we negotiate the cost for delivering optimum value and maximum impact. We combine our technical media experience with hybrid technology through outstanding observation and analysis, strategic cross-networking budgetary control, and effective ad placements.

A Full-fledged Media Services Hub

Xentrix Global is well-poised to plan and deploy a broad spectrum of media-related solutions. Our services extend beyond traditional media planning and buying, to media research, creative and message localization, as well as content marketing in print, digital and electronic media.


Yes! Xentrix is competitive on both cost and effectiveness. First, we use verified industry data to identify the right media channels for your target demography. Then, we analyze the right time and location for optimum impact. Finally, we negotiate exclusive rates with publishers and media networks. Try it, ask us for a quote…

Xentrix is geared to help you deploy a broad spectrum of media-related solutions. Beyond traditional media planning and buying, we also offer media research, communication translation and localization, as well as publishing of marketing content in print, digital and electronic media. Go on, tell us what you need…

The Xentrix Global Methodology helps us perfectly align our solutions to your business objectives. Every aspect is analyzed and customized to maximize cost-efficiency, impact and results. Let’s discuss how to get the most out of your ad spend…